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  1. Thanks for this very good DXpedition.
    Especially the PSK operation on 80m was a very good idea – giving a chance to less equipped stations. I hope other DXpeditions will follow this way of operation.
    But it seems that your log of the 18.3.17 80m PSK QSO in the early morning has a time-issue – my QSO is in clublog, but does not match with my log-time. Please check this.

    73 de Johannes, Dl5RDI/AC2TR


  2. TNX great job well done 1 ste time ever i worked so many slots on a dx pedition a lot of ATNO psk rtty !!
    be safe home again ,cu all in the next pups .
    73S to all de ON5CD Ivo


  3. Je vous remercie pour 11QSOs. Je suis très heureux. Mais je dois encore QSO sur 40m SSB, PSK et RTTY. Je serais heureux si cela me succéder. Je suis en attente maintenant 40m. Tous les meilleurs et hamradio à Friedrichshafen. Merci de DL2HRT


  4. Very excited to have QSO on 14 MAR 2017 @ 22:59 17 Meters, Very First Ivory Coast in my log! Thank you, you heard me no problem. I enjoy the Dxpeditions when I can get them. 73 Mike KF5YUB


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