Logs uploaded

clublog.JPGAs promised, all logs are uploaded now on Clublog and LOTW.
It took about 1 week to process all log checks and requests.
At the same Time OQRS was opened.

Thanks for you patience.



OQRS pending

The log team is still working on the logs. Many log corrections were requested.

OQRS will be activated when all critical tasks were handled.
We expect to open at beginning of april.

We apologize for inconvenience.



The CW Low Band Team says Thanks !

The CW Low Band Team says thanks for some interesting nigths on 80 and 160.
Very interesting and challenging CONDX from here…
On 160, TX ant was Inverted L GP. RX was B.O.G.s  approx. 70 meters long (one to North America, one to EU and JA).
Power was only 600 watts. The big AMP broke down the first evening !

Now at the end, we are tired, but hope that there are many happy Low Bander.


From left to right: Patrick F2DX, Kenneth OZ1IKY and Andreas DL3GA